A new review by Dr. Bansal, Dr. Codeluppi and Dr. Banasr is out !

Astrocyte dysfunctions have been consistently observed in patients affected with depression and other psychiatric illnesses. Although over the years our understanding of these changes, their origin, and their consequences on behavior and neuronal function has deepened, many aspects of the role of astroglial dysfunction in major depressive disorder (MDD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) remain unknown. In this review, we summarize the known astroglial dysfunctions associated with MDD and PTSD, highlight the impact of chronic stress on specific astroglial functions, and how astroglial dysfunctions are implicated in the expression of depressive- and anxiety-like behaviors, focusing on behavioral consequences of astroglial manipulation on emotion-related and fear-learning behaviors. We also offer a glance at potential astroglial functions that can be targeted for potential antidepressant treatment.