Congratulations to Mounira for the publication of her review in Biological Psychiatry!

In this manuscript, Dr. Banasr and colleagues review the MRI findings in humans and animal models suggesting that corticolimbic structural alterations are associated with depressive symptomology. This review also summarizes the neuronal, astroglial and synaptic cytoarchitectural alterations reported in MDD and highlights how similar changes are reported in chronic stress rodent models. Using preclinical models, it was demonstrated that these changes were linked the emotion-related behavioral deficits. Finally, the review describes the latest approaches developed to measure the synaptic and astroglial alterations in vivo, using positron emission tomography (PET), and how it can inform on the contribution of MDD-associated cytoarchitectural alterations to the symptomology of stress-related disorders.

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Figure 1