Thomas Prevot, Ph.D.

Dr. Prevot is a Project Scientist in CAMH, leading the research group focusing on Memory, Emotion, Drugs and Synapses (MEDS), in the Neurobiology of Depression and Aging Department, led by Dr. Etienne Sibille. He is also Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychiatry from the University of Toronto.

Our Research Focus

Dr. Prevot’s research focuses on the neurobiology of memory and emotion processes, and how these processes are affected by stress, aging, and their interactions, leading to psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases. More specifically, the MEDS team focuses on the characterization of behavioral, cellular and molecular outcomes of preclinical models of depression and other stress- and age-related psychiatric disorders. With expertise in preclinical models, the team has developed a unique expertise in translational research, including the characterization of novel targets for therapeutic avenues and medication development for future clinical testing.
Dr. Prevot is actively involved in the translational research and medicine landscape at the University of Toronto, working across disciplines and being an advocate for bench-to-bedside discovery.

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Since September 2020, Dr. Prevot is the Canadian BRAD Champion and contributes to improving awareness on topics revolving around animal research and biomedical development. 

Meet the team

Team Publication List

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