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On September 16th, 2021, CTV Your Morning presented a media piece about memory loss and how CAMH contributes to tackling this issue. It introduces Paul Leah, an individual that had a stroke more than 10 years ago, damaging a quarter of his brain. Paul now lives with Dementia. He describes what it is like to live with dementia, how he had to learn everything again, and how to become independent again.

“We are not the walking dead” – Paul Leah

In the second half of the interview, Dr. Sibille presents his work at CAMH and shows that memory loss or more generally, cognitive deficits are a major complaint in individuals with dementia. He provides an overview of the contribution of his research program, identifying underlying mechanisms involved in the disease, and describes how his group is leading the effort to develop novel molecules with the potential of reversing memory loss.

"There is no cure for now, but we are offering hope that there is help coming down the way" - Dr. Etienne Sibille

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