Project title: Evaluation of brain-derived extracellular vesicle as biomarkers for Late-life Depression

Synopsis: Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are small size vesicles that are secreted by most cells during physiologic or pathologic conditions. In recent years, EVs have emerged as major players in intercellular communication and as a source of information on molecular abnormalities for different pathological conditions. The overarching goal of the proposal is to develop and optimize novel techniques for the identification and evaluation of the content of brain-derived EVs. This proposal will open the possibility to investigate the potential of brain-derived EVs as a window to directly evaluate the molecular pathology of late-life mood disorder. The methodological developments in this area can have a broader effect on the understanding of the molecular mechanisms and the identification of novel therapeutic strategies for different neuropsychiatric disorders, having a major impact on clinical practice.