Older molecular brain age in severe mental illness

Molecular Psychiatry, July 2020

Authors: Chien-Wei Lin, Lun-Ching Chang, Tianzhou Ma, Hyunjung Oh, Beverly French, Rachel Puralewski, Fasil Mathews, Yusi Fang, David A. Lewis, James L. Kennedy, Daniel Mueller, Victoria S. Marshe, Andrew Jaffe, Qiang Chen, Gianluca Ursini, Daniel Weinberger, Anne B. Newman, Eric J. Lenze, Yuliya S. Nikolova, George C. Tseng & Etienne Sibille

Brain aging is associated with molecular, cellular and structural changes that are robust on the group-level, yet show substantial inter-individual variability. Here we show that deviations in gene expression from normal age-dependent trajectories predict risk for major mental illnesses and neurodegenerative disorders. These results suggest that older molecular brain aging is a common feature of severe mental illnesses and neurodegeneration.